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Want unique, tried and trusted arts-based learning tools?

ELA resources travel paths that open doors with rhyme and humor.

Free Emotion Literacy Advocates Downloads

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Emotion Literate's Proclamation

Download the PDF 

Original narrative that brings a more inclusive way of thinking about the fragile nature of human interaction.

Single page PDF.

5 Ways to Think Favorably About Feelings

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Five Ways introduces basic ideas behind emotion literacy advocacy
and suggests larger concepts needed to approach self-understanding.

Double-sided page PDF.

The Art of Emotion

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Seattle Repertory Theatre's Education & Outreach interviews with ELA's founding artist, Pamela Sackett.

Multi-page PDF.

"Pamela has proven time and time again that her particular style and philosophy are not only beneficial, but necessary to the concepts of "education and outreach" in the community."


      Seattle Repertory Theatre Company's "Prologue"



Emotion Literacy Advocates (ELA) is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization comprised of a group of generative artists and social activists in Seattle who came together at the turn of the millennium to further ELA's mission: to create learning forums for insight into emotion through language and the arts.