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The Ducks & Us Songbook Movie


Media Details and Descriptions

The Ducks & Us Songbook is a mini-movie that incorporates environmental and social-emotional learning—as well as reading and emotion literacy—through the art forms of music, lyrical story-telling, 2D illustration, animation and video.


A diverse artists' collaboration, The Ducks & Us Songbook Movie adds a visual element to The  Ducks & Us Song thanks to Art Institute of Seattle interns. Contact ELA for cultural or environmental program application info.

Art Institute of Seattle interns: Catherine McConnell, Reese Kindle, Haley Karnes, Nikki Nopens

(One 1) Month Digital viewing rights to stream Ducks and Us and download-able study guide insert


Where The Ducks & Us Songbook Movie has played:

  • Anacortes Cinemas
  • Bainbridge Cinemas
  • California Academy of Sciences
  • Columbia City Cinema, Seattle
  • The Historic Admiral Theater
  • Northwest Film Forum's 5th Annual Seattle Bike-In Event
  • Oak Harbor Cinemas
  • Ocean Shores Cinemas
  • Olympic Cinemas
  • The Neptune Theater, Long Beach, Washington
  • The 2011 Salish Sea Ecosystem Film Festival
  • Shelton Cinemas, Shelton, Washington
  • Skyline Drive-In, Shelton, Washington
  • Stanwood Cinemas
  • Vashon Theatre special Audubon event

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Ducks & Us

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“ The Ducks and Us learning tool connects the arts, youth, and ecology in an innovative and exciting way to bring an important would be great if this awesome song became a ‘standard’ song kids grow up singing."

Heidi Narte, Senior Gardener

Seattle Parks and Recreation



Emotion Literacy Advocates (ELA) is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization comprised of a group of generative artists and social activists in Seattle who came together at the turn of the millennium to further ELA's mission: to create learning forums for insight into emotion through language and the arts.