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Saving the World Solo



What do you get when you mix a childhood forged in the boozy-hazed post-war partying of the 50s—replete with Lenny Bruce recitations at age eight—with an "adulthood" as a college-hopping educational film actress, boy-guru disciple, L.A. song-writer, night club comedienne and prison school teaching artist? You get a feeling-centric, language-obsessed Cleveland refugee who has an epiphany and decides to save the world with wild stories, mostly true.

Presentations of this material have been successfully integrated into guest author literary events, service group gatherings, language arts high school programs, state government and university conferences.

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Paperback, 163 pages,

Published 2004

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"Has fear ever kept you silent? You might be interested to hear from Pamela Sackett...using her words in compelling fashion to entertain and teach about the essential role language plays in relationship to feelings...."

      Seattle Post-Intelligencer

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Saving the World Solo



Emotion Literacy Advocates (ELA) is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization comprised of a group of generative artists and social activists in Seattle who came together at the turn of the millennium to further ELA's mission: to create learning forums for insight into emotion through language and the arts.