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 Pamela Sackett’s Emotion Literacy Program allows participants to confront their anger, abuse, hurt, love, and fear in a structured, unintimidating way that yields remarkable results. Pamela is an exceptional, resourceful and creative midwife whose talent lies in encouraging people to give their emotions a voice.

A Christina Roux
Seattle public school teacher
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Pamela Sackett is luck.
She has been the luck of more than ninety kids in my classes over the past three years.

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Ted Sod
Seattle Repertory Theatre Company Outreach and Education
A Kelly DeLany
Oregon Post Adoption Resource Center Program Manager
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 We just received the latest edition of Kidbits with the lovely enclosed CD. I'm playing it now over and over... I found The Full Spectrum Birthday Song laughter-inspiring and intriguing and it certainly covered the full range of birth feelings. I personally plan to play it at our next family birthday event and make it a 'full-spectrum celebration'.

A John F. Williams
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   The Ducks & Us Songbook Movie is a marriage between music, literature, animation, and motion pictures. But as amazing as its form is, its content shines as well...a well written story about people and their interaction with the environment...the artistry of the creators shines through the technology used to bring it to the audience...charming.



Emotion Literacy Advocates (ELA) is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization comprised of a group of generative artists and social activists in Seattle who came together at the turn of the millennium to further ELA's mission: to create learning forums for insight into emotion through language and the arts.